Customers’ satisfaction as our primary objective.

Founded by seasoned executives from dry cleaning, technology and financial industries, Chenille Cleaners is a well funded company formed on the following three principles that we believe are essential in order to offer the best dry cleaning experience to our customers.

With our customers’ satisfaction as our primary objective, we at Chenille Cleaners view being clean way beyond clean clothes. We believe it is our duty to our customers to ensure that not only they get the best quality in cleaning, the environment where the clothes is processed is also equally as clean with no hazardous or threatening conditions to our customers, to our environment, and to our employees.

Yes, we value the quality of life for all our employees and strongly oppose the sweatshop approach that has been in the dry cleaning business for decades. We achieve our customer satisfaction through happy employees.

In addition to utilizing the environmentally friendly techniques, at Chenille Cleaners, we strive to reduce all dry cleaning waste by using other recyclable and reusable materials throughout our operations. We are always looking for innovative ways to minimize the impact on our planet without creating additional costs to our customers.

Soon our online system will make our services available anywhere in Manhattan and Northern New Jersey, it will provides you with the choice to simply schedule a pick-up and delivery or take the time to create your own tickets with special instructions for each item.

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